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Privacy Policy

At edmedscanada.com (“DOMAIN”), we’re committed to guaranteeing the complete protection of your privacy but also to make the utmost efforts for preserving all personal information. The ultimate aim of this Privacy Policy is to serve as a definitive source to inform on the personal information edmedscanada.com (hereafter “we”) collects, utilizes as well as discloses in relation with the edmedscanada.com website (the “DOMAIN web store”). It explains our usage and the manner by which we disclose previously mentioned information, as well as your options concerning its usage and disclosure, and the ways to correct it.

We pledge a strong commitment to your privacy. Indeed, we comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations effective in Canada, specifically the federal PIPEDA Act, and additionally the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act and all relevant or applicable regulations in accordance with those acts. We reserve the right to perform sporadic amendments of this Privacy Policy. Don't worry, we treat Personal Information in struct consistency with to the legislation under whose terms we collected it, unless your assent is obtained to ask us to handle it otherwise.

We will cover these subjects in this Privacy Policy:


How do we define Personal Information?

In conformity with our interpretation, “Personal Information” is defined as any information or data that has any potential whatsoever of being personally identifiable or allows to identify you in any way. This is not limited to but can include: your first name and surname, your civic address, your purchasing methods, your health information, any credential you possess to login to our website. Any information linked to your professional endeavors such as your given name or any organization of which you knowingly contracted membership do not qualify as Personal Information.

Explain how Personal Information shall be collected?

Any Personal Information we house has been collected by truthful, lawful, and fair means. This collection could be directly from you or from an accredited third party. Should we obtain it from third parties, they would have previously acquired your information lawfully and have your express consent to share it with us.

How is your authorization obtained?

Obtaining your consent occurs when you are filling out the account details and supplying us with your shipping and payment details. This happens when you finalize your shopping experience with us. Consent is implied by virtue of confirming orders and includes the information without which we are unable to process your order. In some circumstances, we could rely on a third party to acquire your approval to share your personal information with us. This consent may be withdrawn immediately with a notice. You can also exercise your right to expressly instruct us that your personal health information not serve in any way without your acquiescence.

Why are your Personal Information utilized?

Your Personal Information is used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • to administer and facilitate your connection to edmedscanada.com online platform as well as ordering or accessing your account;
  • to provide purchase traceability and allow easier refilling;
  • to simplify communications with any outside provider with whom we engage in a relationship of a contractual nature;
  • to notify you of new programs, services, or deals that may appeal to you;
  • to respond to enquiries, requests, or grievances;
  • to collect feedback and comments in regards to our operations;
  • to allow investigating of legal claims;
  • any event we have secured consent for; and
  • any additional use as required or permitted by applicable law.

Who is provided with your Personal Information?

Know that disclosures are strictly restricted to persons or entities for whom you provided prior consent. Despite the previous:

  • Your Personal Information could possibly be transferred to those selected third-party providers with whom we have previously signed a contractual agreement that explicitly includes appropriate privacy standards. These providers would require such information because they are assisting us with the unique and sole purpose of fulfilling the contract (for instance, ensuring the shipment of packages to a customer's place of residence).
  • We require making disclosures to a potential acquirer in connection with the selling of a part or the entirety of our enterprise (in this scenario, use of your personal information by the acquiring entity would continue to be subject to applicable law), or as otherwise required or allowed by law. Transmitting Personal Information to the exterior of Canada for other reasons like process and storage is a definite possibility. Personal Information outside of Canada is considered under the legal jurisdiction of the legislation in force in the territory in which it is being retained. It could be disclosed to local governments, judicial courts, or enforcement or regulatory agencies of the foreign country.

How is the privacy of your Personal Information ensured when we deal with affiliates or other third parties?

We contractually obligate any subcontractor, hired consultant, or other body to withhold sharing of any Personal Information with which we were entrusted. Subcontractors, consultants or other bodies are held completely accountable to the composition of this policy and any other similar guidelines to which we adhere.

For how long can we retain, disclose, or utilize your Personal Information?

We confirm we'll only leverage your Personal Information during and not exceeding the period of time actually necessary to guarantee the successful fulfillment of the agreement or any other reasons for which we proceeded with collecting it. We assure you your data will be destroyed and will not be archived or retained once it ceases to be required or useful.

Can clients review the Personal Information that edmedscanada.com collected, used or disclosed?

You can submit a missive in writing to verify any Personal Information we previously solicited from you and subsequently used. This information will be shared with you with a detailed interpretation of any codes, abbreviations, or acronyms.

How are you in a position to ensure the Personal Information housed in our systems is actually accurate? What if it turned out to be inaccurate?

We will not process updates or changes to any held Personal Information, thus assuring it remains complete and updated. You have the complete power to confirm its completeness or accuracy at any moment by connecting to your platform account and making amendments or a change if deemed necessary.

How can you inquire regarding access to stored Personal Information or pertaining to edmedscanada.com practices on privacy? Does a cost for securing access to your information apply?

You can direct any complaint, concern, comment, inquiry, or question about a matter relating to your Personal Information, our enforced Privacy Policy, or our customized protocol to our team using our electronic contact form or to this email: support@edmedscanada.com.

No fees are collected for requesting your own Personal Information housed in our records; they don't apply either for gaining access to our privacy practices.

What is our timeline to answer your written inquiries submitted?

We attempt addressing every enquiry received within 30 days. Should we be incapable of reaching that objective, we shall supply advance notification. You are notified if we are experiencing significant delays.

Specify in which location Personal Information is stored?

We safeguard the entirety of the Personal Information gathered in edmedscanada.com offices or at our Canadian service provider-owned and sanctioned data centers.

 How do you ensure Personal Information is protected?

We proudly adhere to robust technological, physical, organizational, and contractual protocols to preserve the your Personal Information's integrity from theft, loss, unauthorized viewing, unlawful divulging, copying, utilization or modification. Only employees positively needing access to your Personal Information for conducting business and whose duties depend on such information are granted relevant permission.

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