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Ordering online is easy thanks to our elementary process. We strive to offer an experience that makes shopping with us easier, faster, and honestly fun. Most customers reappear in our virtual aisles to browse our products and reorder.

Though users could intuitively figure the functioning of our Canadian online pharmacy, we’ve prepared short guides to walk you through every stage.

Search our products and choose the one for you

Examining all our drugs may be overwhelming. We carry goods from more than one manufacturer, including generics, which are generally cheap compared to brands. This includes the trendy Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Your preferences could be with the brand or active ingredient. If so, that can guide your decision. Also consider the product description and precise details. They may influence you, like if they don’t coincide to your lifestyle or are contraindicated with other treatments for which you have a prescription.

When you pinpoint your therapy, select the concentration. We sell most concentrations, from the weakest to the strongest. We suggest sampling the smallest doses first and eventually contemplating an enhancement if those don’t suffice. You should only ingest the dose needed for the erectile dysfunction drug to work. Doubling the dose won't double the effects. Find your sweet spot and stick with it.

Finally, respect the usage guidelines. Any pill has a safe ingestion limit. We enlighten you but also compel you to do your own research and obey the maximum dosage. The wellbeing of our clients is paramount.

Do you provide drug details?

We provide some but recommend you do research. You know your full medical history.

Creating an account for returning customers

Setting up an account isn't required for initial purchases. Enjoy your first order as a guest. You'll receive a message in your inbox with your order details and credentials, including username and password, for future use. Second-time customers can login and manage their preferences, orders, addresses, payment methods, and change passwords.

Everyone forgets their passcode sometimes, but you can recover it easily. When logging in, click on the link for forgotten passwords, type your email, and we'll send you a replacement.

Do I need a registered account?

For your first acquirement, you're treated as a guest. Further transactions will go through your account. Your identifiers are in your order confirmation.

Purchasing protocols and rules

We don’t enforce limits, guidelines or specific rules. A client can purchase any amount of sexual dysfunction drugs he fancies, and different varieties as well. However, we reiterate that you should always abide by the recommended daily dose. Passing it may engender unfavourable or permanent health issues. Besides, small doses usually suffice for achieving what you aspire for.

Do I need a prescription to order ED pills?

No, we sell over the counter throughout Canada. Simply find your remedy and proceed to checkout.

What payment methods are you accepting?

We honor orders paid using major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

What should I provide when placing an order?

In terms of the purchase, only an activated credit card and a valid Canadian address.

Placing an order for the picked therapy

Ordering online is less demanding than actually going to the pharmacy. Select your product and add it to the shopping cart. You can fill your cart with all the products you like. When finished, proceed to the checkout page. Type your contact information (name, street address, city, postal code, province/territory, telephone number, and shipping method) and make a payment with the option of your choosing.

We send order confirmations. If you haven’t received it, refresh your mailbox of check your spam folder. If our confirmation is spammed, add us to your friend list to avoid this nuisance in the future.

If the order is declined, your card is likely faulty. Communicate with your provider or bank to inquire. You can update your account information and get in touch with us to finish the order or replace it.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancelling orders is a possibility until the parcel is shipped. Once the shipment is through the door, cancellations aren't accepted.

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