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It’s expected to have questions when pondering buying a new product, whether a car or or an erectile dysfunction drug. We prepared a list of repeatedly asked questions to save you time and provide you with resolutions to queries you may have. We assume reading these will be satisfactory, but if not, we can be reached for in depth exchanges.

How does taking a pill help preserve an erection?

This is a science and anatomy phenomenon. We won’t cover details because it’s not the intention of our store. It also depends on the active ingredient of which your chosen therapy consists. In summary, the medication activates a slackening of the muscles in the crotch area. That helps the blood in circulating to the penis and hardening it. In reality, problems with erections are often caused by a decrease in flowing blood to the phallus.

Don’t ignore other elements. A violated contraindication or inappropriate dosage could alter the effects, perhaps removing them altogether.

Which erectile dysfunction suits me?

You should undertake your own research to conclude this. There are options from different brands, distinctive active ingredients, and side effects. You must also consider the dosage. Pills usually come in around 3 concentrations, catering to more people. Don't break the recommended ceiling, meaning you have to consider dosages. Take the smallest dose that will generate your pursued effects. If perceiving a decline, then consider upping the dose.

Which options do you trade?

Our pharmacy is exhaustive and we offer the most sold drugs. If you researched it, we probably have it! That includes Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Priligy, Kamagra, and Lovegra. We also carry the original and generic versions as well as a different dosage, and essence for Kamagra. You will find your pairing eyeing our remedies.

Are your treatments only for men?

Erectile dysfunction affects men because it involves difficulties with an erection. However, sexual dysfunction also impacts the gentler sex. We mostly talk about male problems because they have more elections and are more investigated. We do however pride ourselves in also assisting women in exploring alternatives.

Lovegra functions like counterparts for men and addresses the anatomical female shortcoming with a tablet.

What is the anticipated duration of the effects?

We’ll kickoff by announcing that pills don’t cure sexual dysfunction. They attenuate the effects temporarily. You can’t take the treatment thinking you will follow it for a verified period of time and recover your previous capacities, no longer needing to take tablets. That's not the case.

The duration fluctuates depending on the medicament, but ordinarily lasts around 5 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. Be cognizant that this is also influenced by each patient’s personal digestion, health, condition, etc.

It takes time to become effective, usually 30 minutes to a few hours. You need to plan a little in advance, but taking the pill with a meal normally gives time for the effects to surge in time for after desert! You can also take pills every day which eliminates planning.

Should I be worried about side effects?

You shouldn’t be apprehensive, but know they exist and are a possibility. We enumerate some on our product pages. They are similar for most drugs and customarily revolve around headaches or bodily assimilation struggles. Observe the recommendations to reduce the prospects of experiencing adverse effects.

Do you have tips for drug storage?

You should store them in a cool and moistureless place. Keeping them away from natural light can also help. Most people keep them in drawers or cupboards in the bathroom, in the kitchen (away from the sink or appliances), or in a dresser, wardrobe or night stand. Read the label of your drug looking for special instructions.

Can you explain the difference between generic and original drugs?

Original (brand) drugs are the first of a kind on the market. A manufacturer has a set period of monopoly, usually to recoup the expenditure for research and development to produce the drug. During that time, generics cannot be sold. After that set period, other producers can produce that drug not having to do the R&D and can sell it at a lower price. Those are identified generics.

From a chemical perspective, there is no difference in effects. Both are effective and practically equivalent in terms of ingredients. There may be trivial differences that exceed the scope of this website, but none major.

Do I need a prescription?

That’s the beauty, you do not! Our over the counter drugs are buyable just by adding them to your online basket and checking out. No standby to see your doctor or go to the pharmacy. Shop right here, order, and get hyped up!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, you can get a discount. Check in often to find out more. You can also subscribe to our bulletin or enjoy free shipping for orders of $200 or more.

Can you provide a medical recommendation?

We are only sellers of erectile dysfunction drugs. As such, we do not provide any medical recommendations or arrange consultations. Our product pages include general information, but more as a guideline, not a rule.

As a retailing platform, we do not possess your medical history and are not licensed general or specialist practitioners. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the product descriptions we provide and also with booklets from fabricators available online. You can then make a more advised decision and buy here in complete confidence.

Will my physician know I take ED drugs?

We don’t have a relationship with any doctors or physicians. We will not notify any healthcare employee that you are taking these drugs. That is both to fulfill our pledge that we will respect your right to privacy and also because the drugs we sell don’t require prescriptions. It is therefore your decision of notifying or not your physician during your next appointment. It’s always a good idea to let your family doctor know which drugs you take as it could have other ramifications, but that decision is entirely up to you.

What are the payment methods available?

We accept payment from major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). We do not accept payments from PayPal, debit cards, cheques, money orders, or cash at this time.

Do you protect confidentiality?

Of course. We're appreciative that personal data is important to everyone so we go through great lengths to ensure its security. We also appreciate that one of the explanations for visiting our website and purchasing our products is for the incomparable opportunity for confidentiality. You might confide in us because you know we will not divulge your situation. We appreciate your confidence and assure you we surpass your hopes.

Is your website secure?

We use strict parameters to ensure a secure online experience. You can peruse, keep your personal information in your account, and make payments with pure peace of mind.

How can I manage my orders?

You can manage your orders in your account. We transmit your login credentials with the conformation of your first order. In the profile, members can amend their address and billing methods. We also issue a tracking link with every order to follow your package.

Orders can only be canceled before they are shipped from our warehouses. Once shipped, no reimbursements are possible.

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